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your worldwide income by June 15th.



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As a US citizen living abroad, your tax filing requirements are basically the same as…

Business Tax Returns

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of small business clients get their…

Estates & Trusts

US estate tax is assessed on the value of the decedent’s assets at the time of…


Have you accumulated more than $10,000 in foreign banks or financial institutions?…

Non-Filers & Late Filers

There is really no need to fret, we are here to help, even if you are filing your taxes…

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We can help you through the tax audit process! The tax audit process is a…


Need to file your Federal, State, or City income tax return?

We can quickly walk you through expat tax return preparation process to get you filed in no time. As friendly professionals with over a decade of experience, we make expat tax return preparation easy. No matter your needs, we have the answers to your tax questions.

From expatriate tax return planning to preparation…we make it happen by June 15, your American expat tax deadline!

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What customers say about us

  • Diane Siriani at Expatriate Tax Returns not only took the time to prepare my expat taxes, but she answered all my questions quickly. She treated me like a professional and I have now referred many colleagues to her. Thank you so much.
    Rudy Patros
  • My sister recommended Lauren to me and I’m very glad she did! Lauren was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Filing taxes from abroad is new to me and so I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her help! Thanks so much Lauren for always being willing to help and make it work!
    Jeremy N
  • Expatriate Tax Returns is the #1 source for filing U.S. taxes for people living outside the U.S. Diane and her staff are easy to work with, dedicated and highly competent. I will be recommending them to all my friends currently living abroad.
    Jason A. Miller
  • All I can say is WOW! These guys had my taxes done, filed, and my larger than expected refund on the way to my bank account in less than 24 hours! Just plain amazing service. And a bargain to boot.
    Dennis Kopitz
  • The last two years Diane and Lauren have been helpful in our transition back to the US. Lauren got our taxes done within 24-48 hours both years which is impressive! I highly recommend them!
    Laura Folts Field
  • I was SO impressed by the extremely helpful assistance and warmth of the people I spoke with that I wanted to write in about it. You have some really professional and talented staff on board who know the importance of treating customers well and graciously. Thank you from Belgium!
    Jan A.
  • Thank you so much for assisting way beyond our expectations. I reviewed the documents and they look accurate. Salem will be in on Thursday evening from Cairo. We will sign them and overnight the returns. You can bet we will be calling you for 2012.
    Rosemary E.
  • Thanks. Your firm has the best people I ever seen.
    Brad B.
  • I would like to give praise for the best tax woman I have ever had a chance to work with. My tax preparer, is a true professional in the sense of the words. She has done my taxes for two years now and I would not let any other person attempt to complete them. I want to thank the Expat tax company for caring for us the way they do.
    Richard T.
  • A big thank you to!!!! Shout out to my tax preparer who helped turn a very complicated process to a simple one!! I highly recommend you to all my fellow expats out here in Shanghai!! See you again next year!!
    Christian T.
  • Reliable, timely and accurate!
    Laurie P.
  • Fortunately for me Expatriate Tax Returns can handle all my tax filing needs via email. Easy friendly and prompt. This was my first year using Expat and I was blown away by the service, speed and accuracy of my State and Federal returns. I submitted my W2 and 1099s and everything else to Diane on Saturday and by Monday I had my returns along with detailed instructions for submitting them.
    Carl V.
  • My tax preparer is very helpful. Wonderful and timely service! Thanks!
    Claudia R.
  • Expatriate Tax Returns offered me great advice and had my tax return ready to file within hours. Great service!! Thanks! I’m not stressing out about my taxes this year thanks to Expatriate Tax Returns!!! ???? Thanks Expatriate Tax Returns for getting my taxes done so quickly! Great service and advice!!!
    Deanna B.


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